Michae J Friedel


I have 25 years of research and consulting experience leading and participating on teams that characterize, monitor, and model the response of earth systems to natural and anthropogenic stresses. In addition to my current role as Senior Scientist at GNS Science, I worked as a research hydrologist, supervisory hydrologist, and research geophysicist with the US Geological Survey.

I am currently an adjoint professor in the Department of Mathematical & Statistical Sciences at the University of Colorado-Denver; and have been a visiting professor at Colorado College and universities in Brazil, China, El Salvador, and Finland. My goal is to develop data 2 knowledge applications for solving next generation challenges in Geosciences.

My research interests are in the development and application of joint-inverse, computationally-intelligent and hybrid solutions for the fusion, analysis, and extraction of knowledge from groundwater and geophysical variables (big data). The fusion of big data is interesting and computationally challenging because they tend to be disparate, coupled, noisy, nonlinear, scale-dependent, sparse, spatially-limited, and uncertain.
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